Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cocaine laws finally fixed

Obama and congress finally fix crack cocaine law.
Book press release

MPLS,MN -Whatever Happened To Lady Justice? New Book By Vincent Carrher. Here is a excerpt from his new true-crime book; in a interview with former new york Police chief Tony Boza..

I-Newswire) August 6, 2010 - ”.. The laws relating to mandatory sentencing almost
without exception are nonsense. Legislators are caving into the pressure tactics, unthinkingly filling our prisons with non-violent offenders and leaving no room for many violent offenders. No one wants to stand up in the state house and ever hear himself accused of being soft on drugs, regardless of whether or not there are many
non-violent drug offenders incarcerated. I reminded Mr. Bouza about Judge James Rosenbaum and he was quite familiar with this distinguished judge's situation of being attacked by Congressman Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. Mr. Bouza
went on to say that what the legislators are doing is building an “Iron Bed of Procrustes.” If you are too short, they stretch you until you die, and if you are too tall, they lop off your legs and head to make you fit. It is a symbol of enforced conformity. They want it to fit the circumstances of the sentencing guidelines or to be just that, guidelines. We hire judges to judge, to bring their insights, wisdom and experience to each individual case. In Judge Rosenbaum's case, it is really ironic, first of all the man is a Republican and was a U.S. Attorney prosecuting in a tough way, many, many cases. Now the people like Sensenbrenner are trying to tell the public that Judge Rosenbaum was soft on crime. "Give me a break!" That demonstrates
the raw headedness and stupidity of the system.”
Vincent Carraher;has interviewed judges,witness,and gives us a ,behind-the-scenes look at how Justice has been denied and how government prosecutors and police have used lies, snitches and money to convict Innocent people. And how how judges are accomplices to this injustice.
In his new book Vincent gives new revealing in-site into the Patriot act,Judges,Big time NCAA college athletics, Second amendment,Women in the law, and fighting the informant-Snitch culture that runs though the legal system.
Vinny has worked for over 30 years to help free falsely accused defendants,such as the Congdon murders, the Scott county sex cases and more recently Ralph “Plookie” Duke. Duke was convicted as a drug kingpin on the perjured testimony of Paid informants who never met Duke. Vincent has obtained over 15 witness recantations. All these witness say that the government knew Duke was innocent.
Vincent ,a first time author ,has worked as defense attorney investigator on some of the most famous and infamous cases of the last 30 years.
Vincent will be signing books on august 20th at Christos Greek Restaurant and august 26th at Belle plaine community library
contact: or 952-873-5676

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